1xBet Crash Game Review

The Crash game is one of the best 1xBet exclusives. This rather new lottery by the Spribe company already gained impressive popularity, every time a few thousand gamblers from all over the world participate in it. 

This review describes the 1xBet Crash gameplay, main features, and design; tells about 1xBet progressive jackpot and mobile versions. In the end, we share the 1xBet tricks and tips on how to play 1xBet Crash game and answer the most popular questions, including how to win 1xBet Crash game.

1xbet crash game

Crash Game Type and Main Features

Though the Crash game 1xBet is located in the lottery section of the 1xBet site, it has original gameplay with several features of pachinko and above/below sports betting. Like pachinko, the Crash game trains your reaction speed and retains attention which is a good 1xBet Crash game trick. Like above/below betting, it requires guessing the result of a sporting event – a sport flight.

crash game section on website 1xbet

These are other of Crash’s main features because of which it is often called the best game in 1xBet:

  • Frequent lotteries.
  • Short time to bet.
  • Requires fast reaction.
  • Exact bet limits.
  • Autobet.
  • Double Stake.
  • 4 Progressive jackpots.


The important 1xBet Crash game trick is the original gameplay. The retro single plane flies up to the sky, and players have to guess what altitude it will gain before an inevitable crash. The crash altitude is determined by the RNG, so it’s unpredictable. 

The game starts from a countdown of 10 seconds – within this time gamblers place their bets. For Indian players the 1xBet Crash game offers a wide diapason of bets from 20 to 20000 INR, therefore it is convenient for both big wallets and penny players.

Awaiting a new round

When the game starts, the plane gains altitude, and at the same time, the multiplier in the left bottom corner grows, adding percentages. Anytime the plan may crash, and anytime players can leave the game with their wins – on these conditions many 1xBet Crash game tricks are based. If a gambler takes the winnings before the crash, the win contains the bet amount, multiplied by the altitude counter, otherwise, a gambler loses. 

Usually, the plane flight takes dozens of seconds, the Crash game is held approximately twice per minute and gives an opportunity to bet hundreds of times per day. This short time allows numerous players to consider the Crash as the best game in 1xBet.

Design and Interface

The Crash game 1xBet is designed in a 2D material style with a night sky theme and the sports plane image in juicy orange and deep blue colors. The animation is smooth and quality, developers paid attention to the small elements of the counter, the plane’s wings shaking, and the golden shining. 

beautiful design

The game interface is very convenient for any user; one of the 1xBet tricks is to make it a bit similar to one of the stock exchanges. It includes a stake selector with buttons for quick choosing of round numbers and an autobet feature, the buttons to place bets and take winnings. 

To ease the using this or that 1xBet Crash game strategy, the huge areas were given by developers for the gambler’s history of bets and the list of current bets by other participants. They are created to help gamblers to choose a relevant multiplier among the most popular ones and collect the statistics of the win and lose bets.

How to Bet on 1xBet Crash 

The convenient, high-quality, and clear interface makes the 1xBet Crash game betting straightforward. To start winning:

  • Register on the 1xBet site, if you are not registered yet, and deposit money for bets. The 1xBet supports all popular payment methods in India, including Visa, MasterCard, and bank transfers.
  • Go to the lottery section, find the Crash template, click the Play button and go to the 1xBet Crash game page.
  • Within 10 seconds between the lotteries go to “Stake Selector“. Enter the stake amount manually or choose the proper quantity from the quick betting buttons.
  • Click “Place a bet“. 
  • Wait for the round to begin and prepare to cashout in any second.
  • When the counter reaches the multiplier, chosen by you, click “Take winnings”. Choosing the proper multiplier is the main part of the 1xBet Crash game strategy.
  • If you fixed your winnings before the crash, you will receive your bet amount, multiplied by the multiplier, active at the moment of the click. Wait for a crash.
  • If you have not taken your winnings before the crash, you lose your bet.
  • Wait for a new countdown and place a bet again.


The most useful 1xBet crash game hack is the autobet mode which allows specifying the target multiplier in advance. It changes the gameplay: in the mode, it doesn’t require a fast reaction and relies more on intuition or analytics. Playing by autobet has much more common with above/below sports betting, therefore it requires a similar strategy on how to play 1xBet Crash game.

The autobet section contains these fields:

  • Base Bet with the current bet amount.
  • Maximum Stake Amount with the limit for betting with the double stake feature.
  • Auto Cashout with bet limit multiplier – for the most important 1xBet Crash game trick.

When the plane multiplier exceeds your cashout limit, your bet plays and the winnings are taken automatically. But you can’t take your winnings before the limit is reached. 

Double Stake

The autobet offers the double stake, basically used for the first or the second most popular 1xBet Crash game strategy:

  • Double the bet amount after every win to increase winnings and go back to the base stake after the loss.
  • Double the bet amount after every loss to make up for it in case of winning. After winning come back to the base stake.

But gamblers may adjust the strategies with limit settings, use doubling up in both cases and not use them at all. 

Crash as 1xBet Game 

The Crash is a part of 1xBet game set and offers all 1xBet main benefits to its gamblers. 


The 1xBet Crash game players may achieve both common bonuses and the Crash exclusive ones. 

The main common bonus is a very generous welcome. The gambler may double up his deposit in one click, the single payout may reach 100 INR and more, and the total welcome pack exceeds 1000 INR. The welcome bonuses don’t require extraordinary actions and can be easily achieved by the 1xBet Crash game playing.

The exclusive bonuses are usually short-term, and they are related to promo codes or holidays eves. They are smaller and have stricter requirements, but are still worth chasing them. Most of these bonuses are announced on the 1xBet Telegram channel and can be immediately used by players. 

Progressive Jackpots

One of the best 1xBet Crash tricks to increase its popularity is the connection to the jackpot net of the 1xBet games. The 1xBet Crash offers progressive jackpots every hour, day, week, and month. The total hourly jackpot is thousands of dollars, daily one is close to a million, and weekly and monthly payouts reach several million.

Another side of the 1xBet tricks is that the jackpot is not personal – it’s divided among 30 lucky participants. Any jackpot is triggered at a random time and may be paid out to any players which made bets in a certain period. More bets mean more chances, and the Crash gamblers have very good chances for jackpots.

1xBet Crash Strategies, Tips, and Tricks

The Crash game 1xBet results are determined with random number generators. But there still are numerous simple steps that may help you to win more or, at least, enjoy small, but frequent winnings. 

  • The main factor on which many 1xBet Crash game tricks are based is the risk-win dependency: the longer you stay in the game, the more you may win, but the less likely you are to win. 
  • By statistics, most win multipliers are up to 10, and the smaller multipliers play more frequently. The most popular 1xBet Crash game hack is to use multipliers up to 2 which are contemporarily humble but almost guaranteed to win.
  • One of the most unobvious 1xBet Crash game tricks is to ignore the table of current bets by other gamblers. It doesn’t influence the size of your win, but may make you choose a bet, too big or too small for you.
  • But you may use your statistics to choose your personal best bets and limit counters.
  • There are some 1xBet Crash tricks for your balance safety. Never place bets for all your money, even with the safest multipliers. Divide your balance into 2-3 parts at least.
  • It’s recommended to define the multiplier before the round starts.
  • Don’t rely on your intuition and the “dependencies” you see between the gameplay events and the winnings – they are coincidences.
  • Your chances for 1xBet jackpots are contemporary high. So the good 1xBet Crash game hack is to place smaller bets frequently and wait for a big chance. 
  • Use casino welcome bonus and promo codes – it’s enough for dozens and hundreds of free bets.
  • Use the most profitable one among the 1xbet Crash tricks – autobet. It’s the way to secure your bet from human errors, Internet issues, and gambling carving. 
  • If you want to use the manual mode, you should be ready to cash out any millisecond. Hold your cursor on the “Take winnings” and a hand – on a mouse or touchpad. 
  • Check your Internet connection and the device condition before playing.
end round

1xBet Crash for Mobile

1xBet has a web page for mobile browsers, an Android and iPhone app, and also a desktop client for Windows. Therefore the 1xBet Crash game is available for playing anytime and anywhere. 

Every mobile game version is properly adapted to the devices: the history section is available via a special button, and the interactive elements for placing bets and the current bets list are located just below the gameplay screen. The gameplay animation of 1xBet Crash is made smaller to keep the bet buttons size convenient.

mobile game

1xBet Crash Pros and Cons

The 1xBet Crash is a game with numerous advantages, but you should pay attention to some minuses it still has.

Many possible betsManual mode requires a fast reaction
Wide range of multipliersNo bonus rounds
AutobetVery simple gameplay
Double Stake
Progressive jackpots
High interactivity
Stylish design


The 1xBet Crash is a quality game with original gameplay, stylish design, and a convenient familiar interface. It offers a cheering gambler experience that depends not only on the gamblers’ luck but also on their reaction and analytical skills. The flexible win odds allow you to choose the risk level and get good payouts in comfortable conditions. Therefore 1xBet Crash is worth the time and money of gamblers.


How to Win 1xBet Crash Game?

Nothing can’t guarantee that you will win in the single current round. But, by using tips, tricks, and strategies from our proper paragraph, you will notably increase your chances.

How to Play 1xBet Crash Game in Auto Mode?

Go to the betting side section and click the Autobet button. Decide if you will use the double stake feature. Then enter your base bet, maximum bet amount (for the double stake feature), and a multiplier for the auto cashout. Choose the multiplier a percent less that you want to reach. Then click “Place Autobet” and wait for your winnings.

Why Crash Is the Best Game in 1xBet?

The Crash game is highly interactive and original, allows one to manage the risk level, and has potentially unlimited payouts. That’s the main reason why it is among the best 1xBet games.