1XBET Deposit

What is 1XBET

1XBET is a well known online platform for sports betting and playing casino games before and after deposit. The company is very popular in many different countries around the world and, of course, in India. The users absolutely love it for the high Return To the Player (RTP) rate, awesome bonuses, amazing official app, and user-friendly services.

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The online gambling provider is one of the best betting sites on the market, and it’s no wonder all Indian players want to know how to deposit on 1XBET and what deposit methods the site offers.

Why you need to make 1XBET deposit

1XBET Deposit gives the Indian customers some amazing advantages of the betting site. First of all, it allows to ensure that are a real person, which in its turn gives you some extra protection by the 1XBET account policy.

Secondly, you will be able to receive a welcome bonus (after the registration about which you can read in the other article) or any other deposit bonus offer.

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And last but not least – you will be able to participate in online betting and online casino games. No other betting site can offer the same quality level, some customers say. The accumulator bets, popular slot machines, and many other types of entertainment are waiting for you to join.

How to deposit money on 1XBET

Some Indian players struggle to make convenient transactions, because they simply don’t know how to do it. In order to make it clear to everybody, we offer this simple instruction that will help to figure out the process and learn about some transfer details.

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1XBET is one of the best international betting sites that offers convenient deposit options, and cooperates with the banks that accept Indian rupees. That’s why it offers several banking methods some of which are also used on most popular betting sites (like google pay), and have proved to be reliable and trustworthy.

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Choose your payment method

1XBET in India has various deposit methods as well as withdrawal methods.

The company cooperates with such popular bank transfer providers as VISA and Mastercard. These are financial and debit cards giants on the international market and are known for its immaculate quality of carrying out any bank transfers. These bank cards providers are one of the most popular of 1XBET main deposit methods and are available for any bank account.

1xbet deposit options

E-wallets. E-wallets is another payment option popular on betting sites. 1XBET deposit methods related to e-wallets include such providers as Skrill, UPI, NetBanking, PayTM wallet, Google pay, PhonePe, BHIM, Amazon pay, MobiKwik, JioPay, Whatsapp pay, Freecharge, JioMoney, Ola Money, Reliance Jio, Airtell wallet, etc.

All these e-wallets accept INR and are easy to use. Let’s learn more about the most popular options.

Payment optionAbout the serviceMinimum deposit amount
SkrillOne of the huge e-wallets companies based in London. Suitable for worldwide transactions and worldwide bank transfers. Belongs to the same parent company as another popular provider – Neteller. Offers fast and secure online payments.No information
UPI (Unified Payment Interface)This payment system has been created by National Payments Corporation of India, and provides instant transactions to the Indian players. The corporation has also developed RuPay and some other popular services for secure deposits online bank transfer methods. 350 INR
PayTMIt is a popular India company for mobile transactions and financial services. It is used for a wide list of various purposes – paying utility bill, booking tickets and buying products, debit cards transfers, and so on. Nowadays it closely cooperates with UPI (1XBET has recently begun accepting deposits of this kind) and offers most convenient deposit methods for any bank account.600 INR
PhonePeAnother popular company well known in India. It is also multifunctional and offers its users to pay bills, make transactions, and deposit on 1XBET. 1XBET was one of the first betting sites to start offering this option to the players. Now you can deposit money right on the betting site and receive various sports betting options.100 INR
JioMoneyA reliable payment method and service provider that is also popular in the country. Like other e-wallets, it also has a convenient application with different payment options. With its usage, you also can deposit on 1XBET and withdraw winnings as well. 250 INR
Google paySelect google pay if you have a phone with Android operational system and the enabled option, because it is one of the most convenient payment options not related to bank cards. 300 INR

Some other options

Besides e-wallets, you can also delivery cash on your 1XBET account. This deposit option doesn’t accept INR yet, but you can transfer your money to Euro or USD and play in the preferred mode.

The same goes for Payment Systems ecoPayz and Neteller. These are reliable and popular services for any sports betting account. The only downside is that you also need to change the currency from INR in order to use it in your 1XBET account.

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Bank transfer for 1XBET in India is available via IMPS (Immediate Payment Service.) It is another large company that cooperates with UPI. However, it may have some strict requirements, so you need to read the applicable laws in order to do the procedure correctly.


1XBET in India also provides many cryptocurrency payment options. Bitcoin is available in some other online casinos, and is really easy to use. It is one of the non recommended deposit methods for those who don’t enjoy risk, however we are sure that for the lovers of online gambling on 1XBET this is not a problem at all. It is not as stable as google pay or some other payment options, though for sure is exciting and fun.

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Transfer details

The time during which the online bank transfer, google pay operation or any other payment method will reach its destination is different for each payment option, so it is better to check everything once again to use the most actual information.

Some operations are done instantly or within just 15 minutes, and the other require a little bit more time. All you can do in order to shorten the period is make sure you have filled in all the required data in your 1XBET account and verified it.

Sometimes the operations may take a little longer to arrive. It can be so due to the weekends or holidays. Please, be patient with the service. The bookmaker’s team tries to do its best in order to solve the difficulties as soon as possible and transfer money.

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In case it takes significantly longer, reach out to the 1XBET support team via chat or mobile phone number and describe your problem. The managers will answer soon and help you sort everything out.

Minimum deposit amount

The minimum deposit sum as well as maximum limits may vary on 1XBET as well. It can be checked on the deposits page. Make sure to read rules for 1XBET in India to select the right minimum deposit money sum.

The minimum amount of the transactions shown on the website includes the data for the most popular currency types on the site. If you would like to use Indian Rupee as your main currency, but don’t see it presented by the payment service, there may be two reasons for it.

First of all, the service provider has simply not included it in the list of the available currencies on the website. You can easily check it contacting the 1XBET client support and asking the relevant deposit question.

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The second possible reason is that it doesn’t work with the selected currency. Unfortunately, some deposit options 1XBET offers are not working with INR, so you will need to decide for yourself whether you really want to use it.

How to deposit money

In order to deposit money in 1XBET or complete a withdrawal process you need to create an account. You can read the instruction here.

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After a successful registration and log in to your 1XBET account, visit the “Payments” page. Here will be a list with different deposit methods (bank deposit transfer, google pay, etc.) Here you will be able to find the 1XBET conditions of using each deposit method, related deposit amount, how to transfer money, and some other important information.

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Select one of the available deposit options on 1XBET and click the green “Deposit” button next to it. After that, you will be redirected to the payment system page, and the chosen service will require some information from you. You will be asked to enter the payment service account or enter its data or transaction ID and the amount of the transfer you would like to make. After that confirm the action and wait for everything to work out.

Make sure you keep the transaction ID private and don’t share the data with anything else, otherwise you will risk losing some funds.

Deposit bonus offer

The platform benefits from the users making deposits, so it tries to provide some generous offers therefore convincing the players to cooperate. In order to promote making deposit on 1XBET, the platform has created several bonuses that will probably help the customers to have fun and win more rewards on the site.

There are two main types of bonuses related to making a deposit on 1XBET.

Welcome bonus

This 1XBET prize is given after the first deposit on the website. Welcome bonus thanks the users for the registration. The bonus may differ, depending on the desires of the clients. It has two main variations:

  • Casino bonus;
  • Betting bonus.

The welcome bonus is given for depositing with any deposit options. However make sure to carefully read the wagering requirements of the betting or casino bonus before making a deposit on 1XBET.

deposit on 1xbet and get free bets

Deposit bonus

There are many various deposit bonus options on 1XBET. Some of them may even include free bet credits for a deposit on your 1XBET betting site account. Free bet is usually given to you if you transfer over a certain amount of money. It doesn’t matter which deposit method of 1XBET you use either – free bets are usually available for all of them.

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Bonus details

The bonuses are given both for the sports betting category and the casino games. Some temporary offers may also include deposits for some certain types of entertainment – for example for betting on hockey or cricket or playing one special slot game from a certain developer. You also can find a special promo code for free bet or some other reward.

The bonuses are various and their conditions may change with time. In order to always use the actual information, check the bonus section from time to time.

Betting sites deposit terms

Like any other professional online gambling company, 1XBET cares about its reputation and data safety. Therefore, it also has some strict terms and conditions of usage of its services.

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Depositing, as well as playing for money on the platform is only available to the users over 18 years old. Gambling is not available for minors, because it may be really addictive for people who are inclined towards risky behavior.

That’s also why the company asks you to provide the real personal data during the registration. It needs to ensure that you are legally allowed to join the platform. Depositing is only available to the registered users, so the platform is safe.

You also need to verify the account before you withdraw money so make sure to complete the procedure properly and pay attention to the details.


Can I deposit from my phone?

Yes, you can make deposits and withdrawals using all three official 1XBET platform versions: full PC version, mobile browser version (both for tablets and phones), and the official app. You can use the registration data to log in there or create a new account right in the app.

How do I get free bets?

In order to receive free bets you need to find a deposit offer on the 1XBET site that will give you this bonus for meeting several requirements. Follow the rules stated in the reward description, make a certain deposit money amount, and play games on the site.

Can I deposit on 1XBET without registration?

No, you need to create and verify an account on the bookmaker platform in order to play for money. After creating the personal profile you will be able to deposit and withdraw the winning at any time.

Can I deposit dollars and withdraw euros from 1XBET?

No, during the registration, the customers need to select just one currency type they are going to use for all money operating on the platform. The currency you put in needs to be similar to the one you put out. This is done to rule out any possibility of the users doing money fraud or laundering.

Are there any depositing limits as well?

Yes, the payment services have their own limits of the deposited funds, so make sure to check it out before making any operations. However, the limits are so huge that it can rarely exceed the deposit amount the user would like to make.

Are there different deposit methods for betting and playing casino on 1XBET?

No, there is just one account wallet. You can use the funds from it for different needs – betting or games. The payment options also work for any entertainment kinds.

Can I change the main currency of my profile?

Unfortunately, no. You need to think carefully during the registration when selecting the currency of your personal account. You won’t be able to change that in the future. It is necessary for the security needs.

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