1XBET Registration on the platform

1XBET Registration – what’s important about it

1XBET is a modern and popular online platform for placing sports bets and playing casino games. It has been on the international market for years now and has reasonably received the trust of its players and the respect of its competitors.

1XBET offers a large selection of online gambling options and creates the best conditions for the users from many countries of the world, including India.

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Having a personal account on the gambling platform will make the experience more enjoyable and will give you some amazing and unique opportunities unavailable to site guests who haven’t registered there yet.

Registration benefits for all users

Registration on the company platform is a right decision if you want to increase the overall joy from using the 1XBET and enjoy the exclusive advantages the bookmaker offers.

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1XBET has a wide selection of registration benefits that will probably be of great help to you if you want to win more and experience the best services of the platform. Let’s see what the main bonus account advantages of registration on 1XBET are.

Bonuses, special offers, rewards

As soon as you create your account on the betting site, the bookmaker will generously give you a wide selection of special offers to choose from. The rewards are numerous, and can totally count on receiving the best of them.

Registration on 1XBET will make the special welcome bonus money available to the new customers at once. Read the conditions of the bonus on the official website and make sure to get it. The reward will be highly beneficial for your sports betting experience and for playing games as well.

You can read more about the available bonuses, promo code usage, bonus amount, bonus money, and how to use them on the other page.

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More exciting games

Even though some of the great entertainment is available for the site guests in free demo mode, for example casino games, slot machines, table games, etc., these options won’t be able to replace the joy of playing for real money and winning something back.

The excitement the risk brings to the users truly is above anything else. Having created an account on the platform, the players will be able to place bets, play games, and withdraw the winnings on their bank account.

Data safety

Besides the maximum bonus and games availability, there is another important advantage of having an account on the platform. The registration on the 1XBET licensed website ensures that the user data is safely encrypted with the usage of the best technology and also well protected.

Data encryption+
Client support24/7

Working mainly with the users that have created an account and verified the personal data protects the website as well. It helps to manage the activity of the players and study the suspicious behavior therefore preventing money laundering and fraud. By making sure that the users are real people who just want to play and win, the site ensures its safety and legality.

The users that have completed the registration on 1XBET are protected by the site policy, and the managers will come to help if anything unpleasant occurs.

Exclusive updates

After creating an account on the platform, you can subscribe to receiving important updates about the bonuses and special offers, new website features, tournaments, and important events. You will be more likely to get the notifications before many other players learn about the news on their own.

Therefore, you won’t miss the special offers and exclusive information.

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Quick withdrawals

Being able to play for real money, the registered users will also receive an opportunity to make withdrawals easily. You will be able to select one of available payment methods, and use it for withdrawing money as much as you want. There are various payment systems for quick money operations.

The time of completing any withdrawal operation and minimum deposit amount differ depending on the chosen method, so make sure to check it out before requesting a deposit or withdraw funds, if this information seems especially important to you.

The bookmaker doesn’t take any fees, however make sure to read the preferred bank statement about it to ensure it doesn’t request anything to as well. Withdraw funds without worries.

You will be able to find the withdrawal option on your personal page on 1XBET. This feature as well as an opportunity to deposit money is available both in the full version and in the mobile app.

1XBET login & account registration

Registration – Available options and details

1XBET makes sure to provide the best and the most user-friendly service to its clients. That’s why the platform developers have created not just one, but three convenient options of registration.

The methods differ from each other a little bit, however one thing remains the same for all of them – the welcome bonus the user can accept or decline.

So, let’s look at the available options. There are three of them: by e-mail, by phone number, and one-click registration. In order to complete any 1XBET sign-up, you need to fill in registration form. Each registration method has different requirements, so make sure to check them.

1XBET registration typeInformation requestedWelcome bonus
Email registrationEmail, mobile phone number, name and surname, strong password, country, and currency+
Phone number registrationMobile phone number, currency+
One-click registrationCountry, currency+

Note that you will still be asked to provide more personal information and verify it before requesting any banking operations. It is also done for security reasons, and your data is not used anywhere else and well protected.

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As you can notice, you can apply the 1XBET registration bonus in all the presented options. There are two main bonus types – sports betting bonus and casino bonus. You can select the one that seems the most appealing to you or you can decline it. However, we recommend using the opportunity to get more benefits when it is given to you.

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1XBET developers have made sure that all full registration methods are available for all platforms – PC, tablet, and mobile phone. Therefore you can create a personal profile in the official app and in the mobile version as well. It is a really convenient feature that shows that the bookmaker understands how important it is to make the platform easily accessible.

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Verification process: How and Why

After completing the 1XBET registration process, you will need to verify your identity by providing some information about yourself such as name, date of birth, your country and city, and maybe some other details. You can find the full list of required info in your personal account on the bookmaker site or in the official app or link your social network to the game account.

The verification is needed to confirm your identity (Aadhar card info) and rule out any possibility of one person having several accounts. It is done so to secure the platform from any kind of illegal activity. 1XBET is a licensed gambling platform that cares about its reputation and therefore tries to provide quality service for real players.

You can fill in the data and verify it in personal account settings after completing 1XBET registration. Make sure to do it in time, so that you will be able to avoid any delays when it comes to withdrawal of the winnings.

Login to the platform

After completing the registration, you will be able to make a log in to 1XBET from any device. Even if you created a new account using desktop version of the site, you will be able to use it for your sign-in in mobile version of in the application, and vice versa.

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In order to log in, you need to follow these simple steps:

  • Visit the official site webpage on your computer / in mobile browser of tablet or smartphone / in mobile 1XBET app;
  • Click the “Log in” green button that is located at the top right corner of the screen;
  • Enter your 1XBET registration data and click “Log in”.

You also can check the “Remember me” box. This way the browser will remember the registration data, and you will be able to enter 1XBET in just one simple click.

In the desktop and mobile versions, the platform offers you to enter email or personal ID (Aadhar card) used during 1XBET registration by default. In case, you want to sign in using your phone number, you will need to click a phone icon, and the field will change to the appropriate form.

Password recovery

It is also possible, that you may suddenly forget the 1XBET registration password or lose the note where the data is written. In this case, relax and don’t worry about anything. Right under the login fields, you can find the “Forgot your password?” and click on it.

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Here will open a special window that will guide you to recovering the lost information. 1XBET offers two main ways to do it.

  1. You can recover your data via email address. You need to enter it in a special field. Make sure that the email is entered correctly, is valid, and is actually linked to your 1XBET game account. If everything is in order, push the “Send code” button and wait for a letter with code to arrive in your inbox.
  2. You can recover the password by phone number. In order to do this, switch the window by clicking on the according phrase. After that, you will need to enter the phone number that was used during the registration of the new account on 1XBET or verified later. Confirm the action by clicking the “Send code” button, and expect the code sent to you as an SMS.

In both cases, you will need to enter the code you received in a special field or follow the unique link, and the platform will offer you to set a new 1XBET registration password. That’s how you restore access to the social network. Make sure to remember it this time or write it down in a journal.

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If the code doesn’t arrive for a long time, check whether the data you entered to recover it is correct. In case, everything is right, request the code once again by clicking “Send again”. Usually it helps.

Additional questions

If there are some problems with your login or the registration process, you can always reach out to the 1XBET customer help. It is available at any time and on any day. The professional social network managers will make sure to help you solve any problem.

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