How to Win at 1xBet

Gambling is always a sort of risk of losing your hard-earned money to an unpredictable outcome. Whether it’s sports betting online at 1xBet or playing games in a brick-and-mortar casino in the very heart of Vegas, you and the gambling establishment both risk losing something valuable. Surely, the risk is much bigger for you since all casinos offer games that ensure a statistical advantage to the casino house. However, you can still change the game’s rules and leverage your winning chances, provided that you are gambling at a reputable platform that ensures fair gambling.

Let this article shed light on the top 1xbet winning tricks to help you enhance your winning chances next time you are betting online.

1xBet in a Glance

1xBet has made a good name in the gambling and sports betting world thanks to providing some of the most beneficial conditions for gambling virtually. In recent years, huge improvement and expansion efforts have been applied to make this brand known and appreciated globally.

1xbet winning tricks

Today, the desktop and mobile 1xBet platforms amaze with their performance, with over 1000 events streamed daily. Besides a long list of popular sports, the sportsbook offers cyber sports and a casino section to gamble. Depending on the country you are betting from, the withdrawal and deposit methods differ to fit every user’s convenience. At 1xBet, you can find any payment method, including credit and debit cards (crypto debit card, too), bank transfers, eWallets, and cryptocurrency.

Aside from all these, 1xBet offers fantastic ways of winning big at sports bets and online casino games. Although there are not too many games on the site, and it’s mostly catered to sports bettors, multiple 1xBet casino reviews prove the virtual platform is great for both.

However, first, you need to create an account to use any of them.

How to Register at 1xBet

The registration at the 1xBet sports betting site is a matter of minutes. Simply adhere to our step-by-step instructions:

  1. Open the sportsbook on your desktop or mobile browser (you can also download the app and sign up through it).
  2. Hit the green Registration button on the right-hand top corner.
  3.  Choose any of the four registration methods, including one click, by phone, email, social networks, and messengers.
  4. Complete the form with accurate personal data and address.
  5. Choose a country and currency.
  6. Pick up the most convenient option from the available deposit methods (it will become a cashout gateway by default).
  7. Enter the promo code for a special sign-up bonus if you have one, or activate the regular sports betting bonus or the match deposit bonus if you’re gambling in the casino section.
  8. Complete the registration by confirming it through the code sent to your email or phone.

Use Online Casino and Sportsbook Bonuses

The first thing a smart gambler does is benefit from online and mobile casino bonuses. However, special caution is required not to get fooled by the generosity of the bonus money but to look insightfully at it. A bonus may look too good on the surface but not help you make a profit due to the high rollovers and specific terms. Therefore, if you come across a big signup bonus, check all the wagering requirements, the time limits, max bets, and withdrawals.

promo codes

The most common bonuses you can find at online sportsbooks and casinos are free bets countries, no deposits, first deposit bonuses, regular promotions, and cashback.

Bonuses at 1xBet

Bonuses and promotions are other areas 1xBet excels in and has more to offer than most other casino sites. This brand’s portfolio may include up to a dozen bonuses at a time, most of which are intriguing and fun to complete. These offers are dedicated to both new and existing users. For example, it offers new customers a rather big welcome bonus worth up to 120 000 INR and 150 free spins on the casino section, and a 100% match bonus of up to 11 000 INR on the first deposit for sports betting.

1xbet promo bonus

There are also “cups” regularly and other promotions with free bets given out to those who place a specified number of bets in a certain period. If you are a regular bettor, use the cashback to earn more bonus money and level your losses.

Another intriguing offer is the accumulator bet of the day, which lets you pick up a bet from various accumulators on popular sports events. According to this accumulator bet, professional analysts of 1xBet company choose a couple of the most notable sporting events of a particular day and join them into one single accumulator. And when a gambler wagers an accumulator bet on the chosen matches within the promo offer, an extra 10% profit bonus is granted in case of a win.

The third permanent promotion dedicated especially to bettors who prefer accumulator bets of all other promotions is the “Hyper Bonus.” The latter gives out bonuses of up to 250% to owners of winning bets when they place accumulator bets at 1xBet. 

If you are fond of slots and other gambling games at 1xBet, there’s a special Win 200% bonus money offer to use only once per account. If you activate it, 10 000 bets are randomly chosen a day, and their winnings are multiplied x2. This promotion can bring a nice deposit boost to our account.

As you can see, 1xBet is generous with all its customers. Besides the reviewed bonus types, there are multiple bigger and better prizes waiting for you, such as the Wednesday promotion. They’ll help you place bets with increased chances of winnings, whether it’s your first deposit or you are an avid bettor at 1xBet.

1xbet Winning Tricks for Sports Bets

1xbet tricks to win

Sports betting provides much more opportunities for winning than any casino game. The thing is that in sports, luck has no more power than in a casino game. Instead, it’s the athletes’ diligence, efforts, and talent that mostly determine the outcome of a match. And if you are a big sports fan, you already know which teams have bigger chances of winning. Nevertheless, some tips will still augment your betting experience.

Tip 1: Learn the Game

It’s always crucial to understand the basics of a game before engaging in it. So if you’re looking to try out a new sport at 1xBet, make certain you have learned the rules first. Knowledge will enable you to make more tactical decisions on what to bet on, when, and how much. And the knowledge of different bet types plays the biggest role in placing winning bets.

At 1xBet, expect to face such common bets as:

  • Moneyline Bet: A Moneyline bet involves betting on the predicted winner of the match or event.
  • Over Bet/Under Bet: If you place bets on whether the final score of a game will be above or under a specified number, it will be an over/under bet.
  • Point Spread Bet: This bet type is especially popular in basketball matches. It gives better odds on a bet and includes buying or selling points.
  • Parlays: Parlays are the most common bets since they contain many bet selections or are otherwise referred to as legs inside only a single bet.

Tip 2: Check Previous Results

Another well-working tip for sports bettors is to check previous results of the teams or individual athletes. This way, you can ensure the team you want to wager on is in better shape and, hence, has more chances to beat the other team. 

Tip 3: Properly Calculate the Possibilities

The useful game tricks include first calculating the possibilities in the sports betting section. Next, it is necessary to distinguish the probability from the odds and calculate them appropriately. Only this way can you set the correct bet value.

The probability demonstrates the prospect of something happening, while the odds showcase the ratio of the desired results to unwanted outcomes. Successful gamblers at 1xBet online sportsbook make correct calculations to determine whether a certain bet slip is worth creating or not.

Tip 4: Place Bets on Familiar Sports

When betting on sports, it is sometimes tempting to bet on a team or participant you have never even heard of just because the payout is bigger.

However, if you aim to earn money through betting, we strongly recommend betting on teams and sports you are familiar with. This way, you can predict better which team will take the score and what bets are more likely to bring you a win.

Gambling Tricks for Casino Games

Implementing the right 1xbet winning tricks into your gaming style can significantly boost the possibility of ending the game with some profit. So let us scheme the most noteworthy ones to abide by.

Tip 1: Choose the Right Game

Wise gamblers always choose casino games with the highest odds of winning rather than those they enjoy playing. No matter how much you love spinning the reels in a virtual slot, you can’t have as much power over its outcome as when playing poker, progressive baccarat, roulette, blackjack, sports betting, handball horse racing, etc.

Therefore, when you play online casino games, make the game choice wisely. Let’s sort out those online casino games playing which your odds of winning are higher. You’d better choose fewer games at an online casino but know your chances of winning games are solid.

Winning at Poker

When playing live poker, you are trying to win over other gamblers, meaning you have to use a better strategy than any opponent. Particularly this makes poker a great opportunity to win more often. The most successful gamblers have made poker their main income source.

Winning at Blackjack

Blackjack has a unique design that lets gamblers play with a high return rate by just using a smart strategy. One of the most popular strategies for winning at Blackjack is Manhattan. According to it, you should start with a two-unit bet. In case of a win, reduce the bet to only one unit. However, if you’re lucky to win, increase the bet to three units. Once the dealer wins, go back to your original two-unit bet.

Winning at Roulette

roulette game

It’s true; you can never predict which socket the ball will fall into on a roulette table. And yet, you can use some possible gambling tricks and betting strategies to control the game’s outcome in the long run.

Perhaps you have heard of the most popular Martingale strategy. It implies doubling the bet every time you lose and stepping back the previous bet after winning. The theory is that when you eventually win, it will compensate for all the previous losses plus a small profit.

The Fibonacci blackjack system implies betting following Fibonacci’s sequence of numbers, i.e., each stake should be the sum of the preceding two stakes. After winning, go back to two stakes, and increase the stake by one number after a loss. Whichever betting system you abide by, wager on even-money bets such as odd/even or red/black.

Tip 2: Avoid Games with the Lowest Odds

The games described in Tip 2 feature the highest odds among all casino games. The other side of the coin shows games with the worst gambling opportunities. Games with a worse track record are video slots, lottery games, and Keno. These are pure chance games where you have absolutely no opportunity to affect the outcome!

Therefore, if you are after consistent wins, you’d better stick with the previously described game options.

Tip 3: Take the Least Possible Risk

Winning 100 out of 100 rounds with a $100 wager on each would be great, wouldn’t it? The trick is that positive thinking has nothing to do with gambling, and the more you assume you could have won big sums, the more likely you are to lose even more. Of course, playing at low stakes means winning small, too. But your losses won’t be as painful, either.

Tip 4: No Winning Back

The idea of winning back your lost money is the first step toward gambling addiction and bankruptcy. If you have appeared on a losing streak, you’d better quit gambling and take a break till you haven’t emptied your entire bankroll. Then, return tomorrow or in a couple of days and start again, abiding by all the tips described above.

Universal Betting Strategies

With powerful strategies, winning at betting in sporting events or simply playing games at online casinos becomes even more probable. Besides the above-described tips, we have separated several betting tactics that will significantly enhance your luck at 1xBet games. Get a closer look here:

  • To Catch Up: Another name to the popular Martingale strategy, this system implies placing each subsequent bid twice bigger as the previous one. Surely, the tactics can work better to win games in live mode yet can also be modified into betting.
  • Flat: This strategy is based on a fixed bet amount. To use this technique, you had better consider a sporting event with a coefficient of approximately two.
  • +60%: Professional bettors offer this system and name it Golden Strategy. According to it, the first bet should equal 1% of your bank. If you lose it, the next bet must be worth 4%. The subsequent bets are 9%, 24%, and 62%. In case of a win, the bet returns to the value of 1%.
  • Danish Technique: According to this scheme, every subsequent bet amount must be increased by the beforehand chosen amount. Losing a bet, you should select an event with a coefficient 0.5 higher than the previous one. Note that the first bet should not take more than 1/20 of your total bank.

Can I Cheat at 1xBet for Extra Profit?

If you are planning to win more money through cheating on 1xBet games, you had better quit that idea. The betting platform is securely protected by encryption and firewalls, leaving no room for cheating.

Arbitrage betting is generally not illegal. It implies placing a bet on every outcome for a particular event. However, as long as you are playing 1xBet games or betting on sports on this site, your account will be banned for an arbitrage bet.

Responsible Gaming Is a Must

And finally, the last but not the least important advice in helping you to earn more money through successful betting or online gambling is to know when to take a rest from the session. To recognize problematic gambling and all its symptoms to play responsibly read the general privacy policy and terms and conditions of the signup bonus.

However, if you find you risk becoming a gambling addict, reach out to BeGambleAware or any other independent organization to limit your gambling time or overall access.

A Couple of Final Words

Gambling has never been about an endurance race to see how many rounds you can keep losing. Neither is it the gene from the lamp to make you a millionaire a night every time placing bets or launch your favorite 1xBet app.

1xbet ios devices

Gambling is more about who has the strongest self-discipline. You must have the wisdom and self-discipline to walk away with a win. Multiple bookmakers reviews prove that only with a sober mind (sitting at the desktop with a glass of wine not counted) and a good strategy up the sleeve can you end the game richer than you were when starting it.

So play responsibly, choose fewer games but those that can help you earn real cash, use free bets and other bonuses, study the market odds, adhere to time limits, and 1xBet will reward you with big wins.