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Learn how to play on 1XBET, types of bets available on the website, and learn the small secrets of the gaming process. It is fun, it is easy, and, above all, it can help you gain some money.

Why betting?

During the recent years, gambling industry has started to gain more popularity among the Internet users. It happens so because of the great quality of the companies on the market. The popular bookmakers become more reliable and don’t scam the users, providing full payments and generous bonuses.

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Sports betting continues to develop and become more interesting and exciting as the technologies improve. In the past, it was only possible to place bets on sports events available nearby in your city, and now with the help of the Internet, you can place bets on any matches from all over the world, including unique sports disciplines as well as e-sports and bets on online games tournaments.

Online betting: How to

Nowadays there are many different betting sites and available betting markets that offer great potential winnings and offer various available sports. It seems pretty hard to sort everything out at first because of the abundance of the information, but you don’t need a special qualification to place bet on most of the betting sites.

You can start betting on the site or in the mobile application – the process is pretty similar.

The entire point of sports betting is to predict the result of the match or the situations and events that occur during it. For example, there are two teams competing in cricket India team and West Indies. The classic bet choice would be either on the win of team one or on the win of team two.

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However different sports have different bet options. For example, in football the bettors can also place a bet on draw or the separate option of team 1 or draw and team 2 or draw.

Each betting option has a special number that shows the odds by which your bet will be multiplied. The numbers vary depending on the amount of people that have placed similar bets and the probability of the prediction being correct.

There are three different odds formats with its features and logic – Decimal, European, and American. You can select the one that works for you in the settings of the platform. After making the bet, wait for the outcome of the match and withdraw funds you’ve won.

Bets types available on 1XBET

Each modern bookmaker has an opportunity to come up with different types of bets, its combinations, and conditions of usage. The possibilities are endless, and it would be really difficult to look through all existing kinds of bet.

1xbet bet types

That’s why we are going to look through the main bet types that can often be discovered on bookmaker sites. Read and bet on 1XBET with joy!

Single bet

Single bet is a classic bet that is available by any bookmaker. It is one bet that is placed on one event outcome. The amount of the reward that the client receives if his or her bet wins depends on the bet amount and betting odds that can anyone can see before making any decision.

Accumulator bet

This bet type is also provided by almost any bookmaker company. It consists of several single bets. The odds of accumulator bets usually let you win more combining the matches rather than placing single bets on them separately. The bet is considered won if all the events combined in it won.

The important note is that the events in the accumulator can’t be interdependent.

System bet

System bet is a bit more rare option. It is comprised of several accumulator bets of the same size. The betting odds of the system are pretty high, so it makes it beneficial to place bets combining them in a system.

Chain bet

This type of bets is comprised of several single bets of unrelated events. The choices in the bet are connected, and with each bet won, the odds of the entire chain change in accordance with it.

1xbet matches

Making a bet slip

How to bet and play games on 1XBET? – is the question that is often asked by the new users. The answer is pretty simple. It is really easy for any player to place a bet on 1XBET. In order to play on the website or in its mobile version or in the app you need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Create a new account on the site and log in;
  2. Make a deposit going to the payment window;
  3. Select cricket or any other sport that interests you and click on an appealing match;
  4. Click on the odds of the outcome that seems correct and type in the bet number you’d like to make (there is no maximum amount);
  5. Wait for the match results and send your first withdrawal request or continue playing!

Now you know how to bet on 1XBET. Let’s see what conditions there are.

Betting rules and conditions for users

In order to fully enjoy all the features of the site, you need to remember some rules that the site asks you to obey.

  • Betting is only available for people over 18 years old (for some regions – over 21);
  • Money operations are available for registered users;
  • If you are highly competitive and easily affected, make sure to stick to the responsible gambling rules and be careful;

These are the main points we would like to share with you. The rest depends completely on you – learn more about the sports teams, receive bonuses, and use a promotion code to make your game more fun and enjoyable.

1XBET advantages

1XBET is one of the top gambling providers in the Internet world that has a huge customers list, and knows how to make good quality product. It has been in the online gambling industry for many years now and can truly be considered an experienced betting platform.

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The site creators have worked hard to develop the best company that the users would be happy to join. During its journey, 1XBET has had many ups and downs, changed the rules, the site conditions, and so on. Now it is still not completely perfect, though it continues to sort everything out, solve the issues, and make the platform better every day.

Nowadays, the most prominent features of the gambling site are:

  • Abundance of sporting events for betting;
  • Accessibility;
  • Variety of casino games;
  • One-step registration;
  • Fair results;
  • Popular payment options;
  • Bonus system.

These are not all the advantages 1XBET can offer to its clients, there are many more feature the betting site can be proud of like quick deposits, customer service, etc. However the listed things are most often discovered in the users reviews.

Sports betting options

Being a large and successful bookmaker company, 1XBET offers great options for placing bets. You can make a bet slip on different games such as football, cricket, table tennis, tennis, horse racing, basketball, etc.

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The site offers to place bets on the matches from around the world and even has two special categories in the main menu for betting on huge tournaments and the games of your National Team. You can enjoy the Pondicherry T20 matches or Cricket Premier League without leaving your house at all.

Besides the common sports types, there are some options of cybersports and e-sports available. And the number keeps growing! In other words, the opportunities are limitless.

Easy access to the platform

As the technologies continue to develop, more companies acknowledge how important it is to make a platform that can be easily accessed from different devices.

Access from multiple platforms

1XBET developers have made sure to create a great solution for those who prefer using their tablet or mobile devices to visit the platform. Besides the common full PC version, it has mobile version for the browsers of any mobile device and a special application for iOS and Android devices.

You can read more about how to play in the 1XBET app in the other article. It has many great advantages and is really easy to use, so we highly recommend to give it a try.

Languages variety

However the compatibility with different devices is not the only feature that allows many users to have easy access to the company platform. 1XBET also offers its clients to select the language in which the content will be shown. The site has over 60 different languages. The Indian players can select Hindi or English – both options are presented on the site and are pretty popular.

1xbet languages

Currency variety the site offers

Besides the languages, the variety of currency options is impressive as well. It gives the people from different countries an opportunity to play and enjoy sports betting from any place on Earth.

Casino games

Even though the sports betting and live betting on 1XBET have a really great quality, this is not everything the platform has to offer. 1XBET casino cooperates with the best game developing companies that have great reputation on online market.

Among the famous names are:

  • PG Soft;
  • Smartsoft;
  • Blueprint;
  • KA Gaming;
  • Eurasian Gaming;
  • Spinomenal;
  • Gameplay;
  • Red tiger.

The list of available providers is huge, and 1XBET continues to increase the number of partners. The games the site provides are colorful, attractive and have great winning chances. On the official platform you can easily find the entertainment with various volatility levels, therefore selecting the game that answers your needs.

Enjoy slot machines, table games, card games, various poker and roulette variations, and receive your prizes.

Quick registration on site

1XBET offers not just one, but three ways to create an account on the official platform. You can do it in the desktop version or right in 1XBET app – it doesn’t really matter what option you choose, because it will be quick and easy any way.

1xbet settings

We have a special article that describes the registration process, its advantages, and tells in details about all available options. Read it to know about the hidden features.

Among the available registration options here is an opportunity to complete a one-step sign up as well. You don’t need to enter your personal data at this step, so it perfectly works for the people who for some reason can’t do it right now, but still want to play and use the special features available for the clients of the website.

Fairness of the gambling platform

The site has proved to be trustworthy and reliable on many different levels. First of all, 1XBET is a licensed platform that operates in accordance with gambling regulatory policy.

The platform obliges the rules and asks their users to do the same. It has developed its own terms and conditions as well as privacy policy that you can look through on the official bookmaker website. This way you won’t have the risk of accidentally violating betting rules of the site.

1xbet local match

1XBET has build a reputation of a fair platform. All match results can be found on the official sports sites, and they always match the numbers presented on the 1XBET online betting site. You can enjoy betting without having to worry about anything else besides the game itself.

Start betting on 1XBET now and experience everything yourself!

Payment options – Withdrawals and Deposit methods

1XBET provides to its customer the best and the safest option of carrying out any money operations. You can withdraw money or make your first deposit with your bank account both in the desktop version and in 1XBET app.

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Each payment method has its own conditions, minimum deposit amount and operation time. The deposit methods are numerous and include such service providers as VISA, Mastercard, Phonepe, RuPay, Google Pay and many more. The Indian players can use local bank cards. You can see more options in the personal cabinet after you create account.

Read more information on how to withdraw money from the site, available deposit methods, payment systems and other details in the other article.

Great news: the site accepts Indian rupee as well.

Bonuses and Promotions

1XBET has a great promotions system that consists of many different beneficial options. You can start betting now and receive a welcome bonus, a promo code, free bet reward, and some other exclusive bonuses. The Indian players can use some special promo codes and get a generous cashback on sports bet.

The welcome bonus is surely more appealing than on many other betting sites. It comes in two variations: casino welcome bonus and betting welcome bonus. Some companies on the betting market have only one, so it surely is a great advantage.

Read more about the bonus system and promotional codes here.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a promo code?

You can get a promo code for your activity on the website, deposits, and joining various tournaments. You also can receive one during the registration.

Do I need a betting account for playing casino games?

You can play the casino games in free demo-version. In this case you don’t need to create any account. However, you only will be able to withdraw the prize if you have an account. There is only one 1XBET account both for betting and playing casino.

Can I change the preferred currency?

No, you only set it during the registration, and you won’t be able to change it in the future. It is necessary for security reasons.

How can I withdraw money from 1XBET?

In order to make money operations, you need to create an acocunt on the website. After that you can visit the personal profile and choose any withdrawal method in the payment settings. Type in the amount you would like to withdraw, fill in the banking details and confirm the action.